Six Healthy Breakfast Options

 I have received a few emails from people asking for breakfast ideas.  Instead of addressing each individual
person separately, I thought it would be better to do a blog post.  Just in case there are others that would like options. These are things that I personally eat!

 This is my first tag video and it was definitely fun to make.  I thought I would add both the questions and answers below for the hearing impaired.…

Product Review: Clarisonic Classic!

Video is at the end of the post. However, here is the transcript for the hearing impaired.
Skin:  The Beginning
As a teenager I did not suffer from acne.  Not one pimple ever.  What’s funny is that at the time I didn’t realize I never got pimples.

Unfortunately, as an adult I did.  I suffer from adult onset acne.  To be more specific, I was getting horrible cystic acne.  You know….the huge puss field acne that sprouts three to four at a time.  At any given time I would have between three to eight cystic pimples on my face in one area.

I frequent a site called:  This is a site that has different stories for different moments in life.  Some examples of story topics are:  Courage, Kindness, Spirituality,…

The District – Firework Cover

I’m a fan of Ron Pope. He is a pop and rock singer/song-writer. Not only is his voice amazing. But, the fact that he plays the guitar is a huge plus in my book. I am a huge fan of music in general and literally enjoy all genres. I went to an Arts Elementary School and it was there that I not only discovered my love of music. It was also when I started playing the violin. This led to me playing the

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