I have received a few emails from people asking for breakfast ideas.  Instead of addressing each individual
person separately, I thought it would be better to do a blog post.  Just in case there are others that would like options. These are things that I personally eat!

 Breakfast is truly one of the most important meals of the day.  It helps to stimulate our brain function.  As with at least three of your meals each day, protein and carbohydrates should be accounted for in that meal.  In my opinion they go hand in hand.  I know that some people like to cut carbohydrates from their diets.  However, that is not a good idea.  Their purpose is to provide energy to the body.  Mainly to the brain and the nervous system.  Now if you want to walk around like a zombie and have the brain function of an idiot…then by all means go ahead and eliminate them (smile)!

I was once a Lacto-ovo Vegetarian.  Therefore, some of my meals are more geared towards those type of meals (I eat seafood and turkey cutlets only).  However, feel free to add one piece of turkey bacon or turkey sausage to Options 1 – 3 if you so choose!

Option 1:
Steel Cut Oats or Quaker Oatmeal (NOT the Instant or 1-Minute kind)
Cook the oatmeal on the stove top and once cooked and add a splash of milk, a tsp of brown sugar and if it’s still not sweet enough add blueberries (or just add them anyway)
3 Eggs (one whole and two egg whites) cooked
1 glass of Water

Option 2:
Omelette made with three egg whites, one whole egg, fresh spinach and minced garlic (or your choice of seasoning)
Ezekiel bread or Whole Grain Toast
1 glass of Water

Option 3:
Quinoa:  Cook Quinoa first then add cinnamon, brown sugar, splash of soy milk and blueberries
1 glass of Water

Option 4:
Protein Pancakes:  1/2c Oats, 1 scoop protein powder, 2 egg whites, tbsp flaxseed oil, dash of cinnamon and splash of soy milk
You mix it all together and cook it like you do a pancake and use sugar-free syrup of your choice.
1 glass of Water

Option 5:
Homemade Protein Bars:  1c Oats, 1.5 scoops of protein powder, 2 egg whites, tbsp flaxseed oil and a dash of cinnamon
Spread into a pan and put in the refrigerator overnight.  Then cut into at least 4 bars the next morning. If you like them the next time you can make using a larger amount of ingredients.
1 glass of Water

Option 6:
1c Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal with 1/2c Milk
3 eggs (two egg whites and one whole)

Steel Cut Oats, Ezekiel Bread and Quinoa can be purchased at any health food store such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Sprouts.  Also, Quinoa is a whole grain that is similar to oatmeal.  However, it is packed with more protein.  If you are a vegan or vegetarian this is a must have in your food choices!

I hope you found these options helpful.  If you have any questions, just let me know!  I definitely don’t mind answering.  If I don’t know the answer I will say so and provide you with another source that can!



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