About TheCurlyFitChic

Let me start off by saying welcome to my blog. I’m Yvonne. You have most likely come here because of either my YouTube channel or Instagram and I would like to thank you. I initially started on YouTube, which was created from the questions I received almost daily in private messages on NaturallyCurly.com. However, while it is a great place to share your knowledge. I am not that comfortable in front of the camera. Also, it is very time-consuming for those that have a family and career outside of that world. Thus, this blog came into existence.

It is here where I am most comfortable as I do enjoy writing. In this space I will share my personal experiences with my curls and the “The Natural Hair” community. It will be a space where you will obtain open and honest conversation. Where you may learn that not all things “natural hair” will apply to everyone, which is what I see in a great deal of  YouTube or on other Social Media platforms. Such as, coconut oil. It does NOT work on everyone’s hair. But that most likely deviates from what you have “learned” from others. While I do have over twenty years of experience dealing with my curls. I do plan to provide information about living a healthy lifestyle and how this has direct correlation with your hair.

I grew up in a household where physical activity was a must and there was no such thing as sitting on your butt playing videos and/or watching television. Also, eating healthy meals was normal. Therefore, when I became an adult I already knew what type of life I wanted to lead and I am Blessed that I have parents that taught me better. Of course, I did expand upon their teachings and try to incorporate natural and/or organic products in all aspects of my life….even with my fur babies! While I do like to eat healthy and exercise. I don’t restrict myself by any means. Because of this, I have friends and family ask what they can do different in their lives. I can help them here and I can help others as well.

I’m not a doctor nor do I claim to be and do feel every individual should speak to their personal physician when they decide they want to change things up in their life. I did so when I contemplated becoming a vegetarian and ensured I spoke to my son’s Pediatrician about it as well. While, I don’t have those credentials I do feel I can assist you in becoming more informed and expand upon the knowledge you most likely already have anyway!

While the main topics may be hair, workout tips, and food. You may also see other aspects of my life as well. I will always welcome feedback and would love to make this an interactive and judgement free zone. Now go read and tell me what you think!



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