I apologize for being M.I.A. for the past month.  I have been on and off sick (definitely need to get better about taking my vitamins) and have had a great deal going on in my personal life.  Also, I got overwhelmed by the messages and e-mails in regards to my YouTube vids. 

I had no idea the response I would get by putting the hair video ups.  The reason I started the second channel was because I thought it would be easier to respond to the e-mails from my Fotki and Naturallycurly.com accounts.  Apparently, I was clueless.  Growing up I predominately saw women with long hair.  Yes, I did see women/girls with short hair.  However, that was not the norm.  Of course, when I became an adult and moved I saw more and more women with short hair.  Especially African-American women.  But, because I was always a tomboy and to this day I only know 3-4 women (outside of work), I was not aware of the importance of hair to a lot of women.  Or should I say the obsession (or close to it) of long hair. 

In real life I never talked about hair to women I know until last year when I started coming across African-American women that were natural.  They wanted to know what products I use on my hair.  So when started to get all the responses to my hair videos I got overwhelmed.  Honestly, I got annoyed.  I found it kind of crazy that some people would basically do anything, try anything in the hopes to achieve long hair.  The misconceptions were unbelieveable to me.  I tried to do a video response to answer the questions.  But, after watching it I couldn’t believe my own eyes.  The frustration I felt was in the video and I came across as negative.  This lead me to talk to my mom.

She opened my eyes.  She made me see that I could help people.  That by me sharing the knowledge I have and/or routine that I do, I can be helpful.  And that everyone grows up in a different environment.  So, no not everyone grew up thinking that ANYONE could achieve long hair.  Of course, after the conversation I felt silly for ever thinking that way or even getting frustrated.

Therefore, I have to offer my apologies for being small-minded and for getting frustrated.  This is definitely a lesson learned.  Now that my eyes have been opened I will be posting more videos.  The first will be a F.A.Q., which I will try to post this week-end. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my videos and read my blog.  I truly feel blessed by each one of you and I don’t take you for granted.

Peace and Blessings!

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