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I’m a fan of Ron Pope. He is a pop and rock singer/song-writer. Not only is his voice amazing. But, the fact that he plays the guitar is a huge plus in my book. I am a huge fan of music in general and literally enjoy all genres. I went to an Arts Elementary School and it was there that I not only discovered my love of music. It was also when I started playing the violin. This led to me playing the


This is new music from my brother.  He is a wonderful artist.  He’s a writer, director, rapper, singer and photographer.  Now why was he the one to get all of these artistic talents!!  The only creative thing I have in me is writing. I loved writing as a child. But, never followed through with it in my adult life. I have thought about sticking my foot in the water again. Hence, the blog! However, this is about him. I love him and he’s great.  Please check it out  so you can find out for yourself.  Visit his YouTube channel:



SUPERFICIAL – Heidi Montag


Okay….I have never been a Heidi Montag fan. However, when I was watching a video today of someone I subscribe to it was playing throughout their video. The beat was fantastic and I started dancing in my seat (I was at work mind you) LOL! Unfortunately, she didn’t put the name of the song in the video so I scrolled down and one of her other subscribers named the artist. Of course, I was shocked. Of course, autotune was used. But, like I said the beat is fantastic and the words are fun and I could relate a little. If you are a dance fanatic like me you should love this song. Great for dancing around the house while doing weekly cleaning. Well, that’s what I do anyway LOL!

Hope you enjoyed!

Much Love

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