Workout Routine 1

This is a sample of a routine I may do for a couple weeks before changing it up again.  This is actually my favorite because it consist of my favorite exercises.  If you don’t know what some of these are you can go to EXRX and it will show you exactly what it is and how to do the proper form.  Once I get my mats (I have wood ) for my floors at home I can do the moves on video.

A Life of Fitness

First I will say, I am definitely blessed when it comes to certain parts of my genetic (I say parts because there are hereditary medical issues) make up.  One being my size.  Yes, I can pretty much eat whatever I want and not gain weight.  However, it is not only genetics. But, also because it’s hard for me to sit still!  I took the ADD test from my son’s school when they thought he had it (pediatrician said no) and I scored off the charts!!  No biggie.  Pretty sure people have had this condition for years before doctors decided to label it and prescribe medication.  I only mentioned it because I have loads of energy.

I get asked regularly what is my workout routine, how do I stay in such good shape, how do I look so young, and I could go on.  I attribute this to both genetics and my upbringing.  My mom and dad didn’t believe in letting us sit around the house watching television and playing games.  We were outdoors.  Playing, riding bicycles, skating, participating in as many sports possible.  There were years when my mom even rode her bicycle at least 10 miles to work everyday with my baby brother on the back in a carrier.  We also ate healthy and my dad was a stickler for eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table together.  Fast food, fried foods nor soul food were something we ate often (despite living in the South).  We ate pretty healthy.  Because I was so active I also drank tons and tons of water.

That being said, I had a very good foundation and I only continued that way of life and maybe just expanded upon what I had learned.  Being healthy and staying in shape is 80% nutritional and 20% exercise.  I stress the nutritional portion. You can’t eat like crap and workout everyday and think you can lose those 10 lbs or 15 lbs.  Not possible.  One has to eat healthy, eat well-balanced meals.  Proteins, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates.  Cutting out ANY of these is saying you are NOT eating well-balanced meals.  You will NOT be eating healthy.  Your body needs ALL of these.  Not just some.  Fad diets and trying to lose weight quickly is only going to mess up metabolism.  Once you do that, you are screwed and you will almost guarantee yourself a life of hardship when it comes to your weight.

Lets put it this way.  If you want to advance in your career….doesn’t matter if you work for someone or you work for yourself.  But, if want to advance in your career, do you sometimes do the work it takes or are you always doing what it takes to achieve the goal you want?  It is ongoing.  Think of your health that way.  It is ongoing.  Never ending.  The goal is being happy with who you are and living a long life not filled with medical issues.  Just think about this the next time you are contemplating finding a way to lose weight quickly.

Now that I have lectured.  Be on the look out for my next post regarding nutrition and what foods I eat and/or recommend.


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