Welcome to my first blog! I was very excited and determined when I decided to create this blog. However, I did not realize it would take so much time and effort as it did on my part. I was able to do so with the tutorials of both blog and scrap booking designers, whom offered great tutorials, blog design kits and even templates to try and make a unique blog.

My favorites are on my side bar. Please go and check them out when you get a chance. I was able to purchase a great kit for $1.50 that has everything I need from layouts to designs that allow me to create various blog templates. I purchased that particular kit (scored a few free ones as well) from www.thescrappingsister.com. They have numerous kits and some of them have over 100 layouts. The fantastic part is they are all under $5.

My goal is to provide little helpful hints and/or tutorials once a week. I know some of you may already know some of this information. But, I think it will definitely be helpful for those that do not (everyone doesn’t know html). I already know my first one will be getting rid of the navigation bar and/or making it disappear. Both are definitely an option. Enough on that topic and lets get the other aspects of my blog!

Some of you may know me from NaturallyCurly.com or from my YouTube Channel and I want to thank you for your visit and hope you decide to become a follower! As you can tell from the name of this blog and my YouTube Channel, I am curly haired and I am into fitness. Of course, there is more to me and I will be sharing that with all of you! I am just now getting into makeup (crazy I know) and will definitely include that in a list of very long topics.

Visit as often as you like and I will definitely try to keep you entertained, as well as provide helpful information that I have gathered.

Have a Blessed Day!


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