This is my first tag video and it was definitely fun to make.  I thought I would add both the questions and answers below for the hearing impaired.  I may have added more information as well!  Let me know if you like this sort of video, which you can find at the end of the post!  

 1. What inspired you to go natural or wear your hair curly?  Nothing inspired me.  I’ve always worn my hair curly even during the few years I had a relaxer.  My only thing was I was trying to figure out how to combat some of the frizz so I didn’t have Diana Ross or Chaka Khan hair.  Nothing against that type of hair.  But, when I was younger I definitely did not want that look!
2. Who are your favorite curly hair idols?  I don’t have any.  However, I like this group called, “Groove Theory”.  The lead singer is Amel Larrieux and I always thought our hair was very similar and wanted to know why her’s was so pretty and not frizzy like mine.  Therefore, if I were to pick one I would pick her.
3. Which youtube curly would you trade curls with for a day?  I wouldn’t trade hair with anyone.  But, there are two people on YouTube who’s hair I absolutely adore.  They are CurlyCrazyfulLeah and Denimpixie.  Curlycrazyfulleah hair is really fine and has this amazing cut that gives it great body and lift.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Denimpixie hair is amazing.  I initially saw her when I use to visit the forum site and during that time she had a TWA, which was gorgeous.  Now it is grown out and very thick.  She also colored it and with the combination of everything it is just awesome.  Most of the people that I actually watch on YouTube do not have the same hair type as me!
4. If you could only have one product for a year, which product would you chose?  I couldn’t ever just choose one product because I like to use both a cleansing agent and a leave-in.  I wouldn’t feel right with one of them missing.  But, if I could pick two I would pick Apple Cider Vinegar (cleanser) and Pure Aloe Vera Juice (leave-in).
5. If you could change one thing about your curls what would it be?  At this juncture of my life I wouldn’t change anything at all.  However, if this was a few years ago I would have changed the hair at the crown of my hair.  That particular hair is different from the other and I have to ensure I specifically add all product liberally to that section for it to almost act right.  But, now that I’ve figured it out I wouldn’t change anything because it all works.
6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve tried on your “natural hair journey”?  I haven’t tried anything crazy.  I’ve never been a product junkie and I spend more time on my body (fitness and nutrition) than anything else.  My hair is probably the last thing on my mind.
7. What’s your secret ingredient that your curls LOVE the most?  My hair loves three ingredients.  Apple Cider Vinegar (cleansing and shine), Aloe Vera Juice (shine and moisture) and Behentrimonium Chloride (conditioning, moisture, shine and body)
8. If you could merge two brands of products to make your perfect product, which two would it be?  I wouldn’t merge any two brands of products because at this time the main products I use sometimes vary.  I use ACV and Aloe Vera Juice.  I can use any brand of either.
9. What is your go-to hair style when you’re in a rush?  Because I’ve never really been fascinated with hair.  My go-to style is simply taking off my hair pouch (not sure what to call it) and going.  I am lazy and the easiest thing for me do is that right now.  However, on the days that I want to style my hair is the only time you see me in a bun or ponytail or cute updo.  On a few occassions I had protein overload and by necessity I had to wear updo’s.  But, normally my go to is to just wear it down and out!
10. If your curly hair had a name, what would it be and why?  Beastly!  I know it’s a weird name.  But, before I really knew how to manage my curls I felt it was a beast.  Now that it’s longer and I’ve learned how to take care of it, I still think of it as a Beast.  I don’t think of it as a negative thing at all.  I feel that my curls have a mind of their own and wouldn’t listen to me if I talked to it.  It just does its own thing….which in the long run is great because it never looks the same!
I hope you liked this tag.  If you would like for me to do more tags.  Please comment below!


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