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Skin:  The Beginning
As a teenager I did not suffer from acne.  Not one pimple ever.  What’s funny is that at the time I didn’t realize I never got pimples.

Unfortunately, as an adult I did.  I suffer from adult onset acne.  To be more specific, I was getting horrible cystic acne.  You know….the huge puss field acne that sprouts three to four at a time.  At any given time I would have between three to eight cystic pimples on my face in one area.

Maybe you have had worse.  But, for someone who never had them before it seemed like a great deal to me.  Despite that fact, it still wasn’t that big of a deal.  But, after a while the amount of scars I was getting made me start to take notice.  Therefore, I went to different dermatologist and over the course of ten years I tried different types of prescriptions to get it under control.  They helped.  Some better than others.  However, having to use (ingest and use on my skin) prescription medication did not sit well with me.

Finding the Clarisonic Classic
That’s when I found the Clarisonic and decided to research the product.  After three months of reading product reviews and watching videos of people using it I decided to purchase the Clarisonic Classic (received March 10, 2010).  It was the best skin purchase I have ever made for myself.  I will admit that I didn’t really use it much when I first purchased.  However, once I really started trying to learn to put on makeup, I started using it twice a day because I did not want the makeup to make my skin worse.

New Skin
After about two months of continuous use I realized one day that I did not have any pimples.  Then I started to think back and I couldn’t remember when I last had one.  I was almost jumping up and down for joy. I have now been using the Clarisonic plus for over a year and the only time I get a pimple now is during that one time a month.   I use the delicate brush because my skin is sensitive and I was nervous about trying the other brushes.  However, I do use the normal on my elbows and knees sometimes when I’m bored (crazy I know).  When they sent the product I was sent a full-size of the Gentle Cleanser and three sample sizes of other cleansers including a gentle one as well.  Therefore, I did use the Gentle Cleanser for about three months.  However, the fact that it did not have any suds bothered me.

How I use Clarisonic
When I use the Clarisonic, I rinse my face with warm water and then apply my cleanser to my face with my fingers while I’m in the shower.  I then apply a pea size amount of product to the Clarisonic and start the cleaning process.  As I hear  the beeps I proceed to the next section of my face until my entire face has been cleaned.  On the days that I wear makeup, I clean my face at night twice.  Once with the Clinique using my hands and then I use the scrub.  I do this to ensure all of the makeup has been removed from my face.

Final Look and Tip
After this purchase I started taking care of my skin, which is not something I truly did before.  I started purchasing actual facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs and mask.  I think I felt like if I had invested in such a product that I should do everything I could to give it a real chance.  If you are unsure if this product is worth the money let me tell you this.  One day I was thinking, “Does this thing really work or does it seem like it’s working because now you are actually using products for your face on your face.”  So I decided to use my products and NOT the Clarisonic.  I used my same cleansers and then used my Toner (also by Clinique).  Do you know what I noticed?  The pad I was using had dirt on it.  So I washed my face again.  Same thing happened.  It was less dirt, but some was still on the pad. Yes, I was skeptical even after I purchased and I was set straight.  Like I said, this is one of the best products I have purchased for my skin and if you can afford it you should definitely make that investment!

Where you can Purchase  Clarisonic Classic  $195 + tax & s/h , Clarisonic Mia2 $149  + tax & s/h, Clarisonic Mia $119  + tax & s/h

Sephora and  Same prices as Clarisonic site except you don’t have to pay s/h.

QVC:  $225 + tax & s/h (3 payments) for Clarisonic Classic Plus; $219  + tax & s/h for Clarisonic Plus Bliss

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