This morning when I checked my e-mail I opened a message from 31 Days to Fight Frizz is going on and they are doing giveaways during this time. In addition, for each day they give a tip (at least I think they have done so thus far) to fighting frizz. Today’s tip was about rinsing with cold water. I am passing this tip along because I use to do this but had stopped doing so for about four months because I didn’t think it did anything. Boy was I wrong! I ended up having fantastic hair!

Rinsing with cold water is supposed to help smooth the hair cuticle, which diminishes the amount of frizz and flyaway’s and it also locks the follicle, which aides in shinier hair. You only need to do this when you are doing the final rinse of conditioner from your hair. When rinsing shampoo or a co-wash, lukewarm water is fine. Because standing in the shower trying to rinse your hair with ice-cold water can be difficult. I thought I would share what I did this weekend.

Instead of rinsing my conditioner out in the shower, I waited until I finished. I put on a shower cap, got dressed, and went into the kitchen. I then proceeded to rinse out the conditioner in the kitchen sink and voila. I did not have any issues. No chattering teeth because I was freezing cold either!!

If you have had problems in past trying to do the cold rinse because it was just too cold to do in the shower, you may want to try this method. I hope it will work as good for you as it did for me! If you try it, please let me know!

You can go to to read the actual article and to enter the giveaway!

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