Some people want to know how often do I straighten my naturally curly hair and want me to show it on video.  Well, the last time I straightened my hair was November 2009 and I did it for a ball I was attending.  At the time I listened to other people who said I should straighten.  I should have worn it curly.

I love my curls!  I love them more than I do straightened hair.  My hair is a mix of fine and medium strands.  This means my hair is not thick at all.  It can look pretty darn thin and sparse when I straighten (I will try to find a few picture of it straightened and post).  Also, I noticed that I seem to cut my hair less when it is curly.  Probably because it looks shorter.  When my hair is straight, I cut it because it gets extremely aggravating and to be honest it can be a tad bit unsanitary.  Especially when going to the bathroom when your hair is touching your butt (sorry for the visual).

Since I do get the request quite a bit, I will think about it

Here is one where it is straightened and curls were added.

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